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"Czech Republic became almost a second home for me"

MUDr. Efthymios Kostaras, M.D. MSc.

When accepted to Charles University as a medical student, one should know that the path may be challenging yet rewarding at the same time. Following graduation, initially, I spent time with research groups. The emphasis given to basic sciences during the first half of my medical studies inspired me and later led me to the University College London (UK) to complete the Master's of Science in Prenatal Genetics & Fetal Medicine. Currently, I feel lucky as an Ob/Gyn resident. Apart from day to day clinical practice, my sincere interest in both basic and clinical sciences keeps driving me forward. In the future, I am planning to complete a PhD degree as well as to gain expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility.

current occupation

4 years

alma mater

Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen



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