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"My basic approach is that the university teaches us to learn"

RNDr. Gilberto Silva, Ph.D.

Altogether, I studied at the Faculty of Science for 10 years. My studies at CU FS started in the late ‘80s when this was still the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. At the very beginning, I stayed in Dobruška, in East Bohemia, where there was a language school to prepare foreigners to study at Charles University. I completed my studies after the revolution; my diploma reads the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic. At that time, I was studying general biology, with a later specialization in microbiology. Later, I returned to the Institute for Environmental Studies, where I studied for a PhD in Applied Landscape Ecology. The basic scientific principles you learn can be applied anywhere.

current occupation

4 years

alma mater

Faculty of Science


Cape Verde

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