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About our ambassador program

Ambassador program is active at Charles University since 2018 and the aim is quite simple yet pretty complex. CU is looking for international students that would like the opportunity to represent their university at international fairs, social media, various events and meetings. These students should consider such a chance to be prestigious for their future at university and outside of it. The core group of ambassadors attend meetings with coordinators (usually four meetings per academic year) where they discuss possible events and goals of the program while trying to come up with new schemes of cooperation. At the same time they are approached by the University with a chance to attend international fairs and other events according to their country of origin or language skills. At the same time ambassadors keen to do a PR work for the university not only at the fairs or in their countries but also at various social media platforms.


1) What are the responsibilities of a student ambassador?

Student ambassador represents university at social media and has got various options how to get involved into PR of the university and work with international applicants and other stakeholders. Student ambassador is expected to be a reliable partner of the university and complete the tasks, he is assigned to. 


2) What is the time commitment of such student ambassador?

Being a student ambassador is not particularly time consuming role, it is much more about being in the right place at the right time to share and spread the information and own experience. There are 3-4 meetings with the coordinators per year and activity at social media, the rest is up to the ambassadors, which activities they choose to fulfill.


3) What are the requirements to be a student ambassador of CU?

Apart from enthusiasm we are looking for degree students enrolled in the study programmes of the university. For the purpose of sharing own experience with the university the students need to be at least in their second year of study and they should not exceed the standard length of study. Communication language of ambassadors apart of their native language is English. Any other relevant information or skills are welcomed as well as optional.


4) Is there any reward involved?

Each student ambassador is awarded by the end of each semester with a scholarship according of completed tasks. Ambassadors also receive a unique Certificate of recognition that can serve as a proof of their prestigious position on the university level.  


5) How does one apply for the position?

We are happy if you are interested in cooperation, just fill the application bellow. With selected candidates there will be conducted a short welcome chat to discuss mutual cooperation. For any purposes regarding the ambassador programme feel free to contact us at



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