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“The Czech Republic offers many pleasures and beauties as well as challenges.”

Mgr. Yicheng Zhang

Yicheng Zhang successfully completed Bachelor’s degree at Charles University, Faculty of Science, and later gained the Master’s degree with Red diploma awarded for academic performance. Since the very first year of his bachelor’s studies, Yicheng joined the group of Mgr. Pavel Němec, PhD where he and his colleagues have collected unique neuroanatomical data about brain processing capacity of various animal groups. In the meantime, he joined the Department of Zoology where he is currently working as a researcher on the brain’s processing capacity as well as working on his doctorate. During his operation at the Department of Zoology, he led and cooperated on several projects in mapping the cellular scaling rules for brains of many animal groups, e.g. several avian orders as well as mammals and currently amphibians.

current occupation

4 years

alma mater

Faculty of Science



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