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all about the application proces


Applications are still open for some English-taught study programmes for the academic year starting in fall 2022!

Charles University's story began back in 1348.

you can be in the next chapter!

how to apply


choose your study programme

We offer study programmes in five languages - Czech, English, German, Russian and French. 

Before you choose a programme, you should know:

  • Programmes in Czech are free of charge - as long as you complete your studies within the standard length of time.

  • Consider if a foundation programme may be beneficial for you. The Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies of Charles University (UJOP) provides foundation programmes aimed at enhancing your academic knowledge, boosting your proficiency in Czech or English language and supports your smooth transition to a different country and culture.

  • Programmes in other languages are usually subject to tuition fees.


"Click on "find your programme" below to find out all about our programmes and their specific requirements."


prepare to have your previous education recognized

Your previous education can be recognized as a part of the admissions procedure. Detailed information about how we recognize qualifications is available on the university website.

If you have not yet completed your previous education, this can be done later once you have the necessary papers.


fill in the application form

Follow the instructions for your selected study programme(s) to fill in the application form. Be aware that some faculties have their own application forms, which are available on their websites. Prepare all the required documents.


submit the application form and all required documents

We can only process your application when we have received your complete application form and all required documents. If you have any trouble or questions during the application process, contact the admissions office at the relevant faculty.


pay the application fee ​

Make sure you complete this final step so that we can process your application. Next step, get ready for the entrance exam if there is one for your programme. See you at Charles! 

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