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I was fascinated by the beauty of the city of Prague and by the people I met there

Prof. Dr.phil. Martin Rothkegel, Th.D

In the 1990s, I studied theology and classical philology in Hamburg, Thessaloniki, and Vienna. In spring 1997, I enrolled for doctoral studies in Protestant Theology at the Protestant Theological Faculty of Charles University. What brought me to Prague was both opportunity and curiosity. The multi-denominational Theological Faculty, which was well equipped in terms of faculty and library, was amazingly involved in contemporary public debate. Three aspects turned out to be most important: First, the Czech language opened the door to a rich cultural heritage. Second, international students are easily introduced to experts in their fields. Third, there is an amazing wealth of sources available in Czech libraries and archives. In my journey to becoming a professor of European religious history, I owe a lot to Charles University and my wonderful teachers there.

current occupation

4 years

alma mater

Protestant Theological Faculty



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