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Christian Entenmann

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Hi guys, I am Chris and I am a fifth-year medical student from Stuttgart, Germany.
I came to Prague to fulfil my dream of becoming a doctor. I have now been living here for approximately five years and have never regretted that decision. Prague is the best city for studying in Europe and there is plenty to do besides medicine.
I personally love to go to the Vltava (Moldau) river in the summer just after finishing a hard exam and rent a paddleboard with some friends and just relax with good music and some beer.
My best advice for anyone coming to Prague is to try to learn a bit of Czech while you are here, as it helps you integrate and Czech people always appreciate it.

Why did I choose Charles University?

I absolutely fell in love with the atmosphere of the city the first time I came to visit Prague and while I was visiting the university I was amazed how the international student body seemed to stick together- I felt right at home! Besides those soft spots, Charles University, and particularly the First Faculty of Medicine, seemed like a prestigious place to be, where I could get a top education that will prepare me well for my future career in medicine.

What do I like about my studies in Czechia/the Czech Republic?

Prague in particular is a very modern and vibrant city. There are people from all around the world here and yet at the same time it is very affordable.

Where do I see myself in five years from now?

That is a very good question. I have been asking myself that a lot, since I will be finishing medical school next year. While I am not entirely sure yet where I will end up, I do see myself regularly visiting the Czech Republic and Prague – not only because my girlfriend is originally Czech but also because I would not want to lose touch with my Alma Mater. I can definitely imagine myself coming here regularly to teach as a visiting professor.

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