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Lucija Andjel

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I come from Zagreb, Croatia. I completed a Master’s degree in animal genetics and breeding at the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb. I had two Erasmus experiences during my studies; one was at CULS in Prague and other at BOKU in Vienna. Here in Prague I am doing a PhD in the evolution of sex chromosomes in vertebrates. I love spending time in the countryside (BC – Before Covid) to recharge my working batteries. My hobbies include yoga, astronomy and Netflix. My irrational dream is to rescue all the dogs in the world and give them a safe home (with me). I am always happy to talk about animals (especially dogs), nature, science, fun facts, space, cartoons, and food.

Why did I choose Charles University?

I chose CU for many reasons. To mention just a couple - it's located in Prague. At the beginning of my master's studies I spent one semester here in Prague and completely fell in love with the city. From the amazing historical monuments, beautiful parks and green spaces around every corner to the open-minded, welcoming Czech and international people who live here. It's no wonder that it is the sixth most popular tourist destination (in the world!) and one of the best student cities in Europe! Another reason is because CU is the best and most famous Czech university. It is one of the oldest universities in Europe and with each year it's becoming more international and ranking higher among the world universities. I have always loved biology and animals
and my dream is to be a scientist, so I am really happy to have been given a chance to fulfill this dream at the Department of Ecology in the Faculty of Science!

What do I like about my studies in Czechia/the Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic has almost everything you could ask for. If you are a nature kind of person, you have the amazing and beautiful Czech countryside: natural parks, forests, mountains, lakes, something for everyone, whether you're more active or more "laid-back". If you like history then you'll definitely love it here, since the Czech Republic is one
of the most historical countries in Europe, especially the capital city, Prague! If you're a people person, there are many social events where you can enjoy the company of both native Czechs and cosmopolitan international people. If you're an animal person, you will be pleased to know that it is an animal loving country, and especially if you're a dog person: dogs are allowed almost everywhere! (Providing they have a leash if there are many people around, such as in the metro.)
If you're a beer lover, well then you already know where to go :) The only thing the Czech Republic is missing is the sea, but do not fear, that is why their favourite summer destination is Croatia (my native country) and they have excellent, fast transport services to get there, so you can have a perfect summer holiday if you're a beach person!
In short, whatever you wish for, you can find it here :)

Where do I see myself in five years from now?

Hopefully I will have completed my PhD, and maybe even a Post Doc, so I will be in a lab doing experiments or in a classroom teaching students about the amazing aspects of evolution, nature, animals, biology, genetics, or all of those! :)

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